Keep an eye out for NecronomiCards Vol 2, coming later this year!

A competitive card game of betrayal, strategy, sorcery, and luck.

NecronomiCards is a horror themed tabletop card game for 2-4 players that requires sharp eyes, fast thinking, and a grim willingness to stab your "friends" in the back. It’s deviously quick to learn, and even easier to lose...


NecronomiCards is simple, but not easy.

Match together magic symbols across hands of Spell cards in order to Summon mythological creatures, ancient gods, and grotesque demons. Use the abilities of those powerful creatures to crush your opponents' plans. The first person to play seven Summon cards wins. Boom. It's that simple.



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Match combinations of magic symbols to Summon dark creatures and crush your enemies (and friends). Successfully funded on Kickstarter and featured in the Cards Against Humanity room at PAX West 2016.

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NecronomiCards felt bag

Felt Bag

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A 5"x9" protective felt drawstring pouch, screenprinted with NecronomiCards art. These were specially made for the NecronomiCards Kickstarter and are the perfect size to protect your arcane tools of necromancy. Limited supplies remaining.

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