NecronomiCards Vol 2 is now available!!

A competitive card game of betrayal, strategy, sorcery, and luck.

NecronomiCards is a horror themed tabletop card game for 2-4 players that requires sharp eyes, fast thinking, and a grim willingness to stab your "friends" in the back. It’s deviously quick to learn, and even easier to lose...

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Q: What if a card says to look at the top X number of Spell cards, but doesn't specify what order to put them back in?
A: Put them back in any order you wish!

Q: If I have more than one Summon card, can I play multiple in one turn?
A: Nope! Playing a Summon card always ends your turn, and you can only play one per turn.

Q: I have 6 Spell cards in my hand and it's my turn. Do I discard one before drawing a 7th card?
A: Nope, you draw a new card. If it's a Curse, do what it says and end your turn. If it's a Spell, play a matching hand if you can, and discard down to 6 cards if you can't.

Q: Do unplayed Summon cards count toward the 6-card hand limit?
A: Nope! That limit only counts for Spell cards.

Q: If a Curse or Summon card affects every player, and someone plays the Jotunn Summon card to cancel it, does it cancel it out for all players or just the one?
A: The Jotunn card cancels out the Curse or Summon card for everyone, as if it had never been played.

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